The esthetics industry is moving forward at a faster pace than ever before.  As skin care professionals we are constantly being bombarded with all sorts of overwhelming, and many times, conflicting information. How do we know who or what to believe?

Our classes will help you sort through the facts and the hype to assist you in becoming a successful skin care professional in “The Real World of Esthetics”.We will discuss such topics as chemical peels, product ingredients, skin types and conditions, marketing, sales, the law and much, much more.

In this ever changing world of esthetics, our quest for knowledge is a never ending journey. We will help you fill in the gaps, in an easy to understand format, with a dash of humor served on the side. Our  purpose is to assist you in becoming a more knowledgeable, confident, powerful skin care professional with unlimited career potential.

Come with us on a journey

to The Real World of Esthetics®

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